Equipping you to step into YOUR true identity IN CHRIST.


At ICIBC you will be given the opportunity to study the Word of God on a deeper level in a fully accredited program. This program is designed to help you develop a spirit of faith and to learn who you are IN CHRIST while equipping you for the call of God on your life through serving your local church.

"The primary reason I decided to attend ICIBC was to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word in order to become an effective witness for Him.  I have gained a new found awareness of who I am in Christ, what I have in Christ, and what I can do through Christ. You will receive precept upon precept, line upon line on how to study the Word of God, how to have an effective prayer life, how to serve, and how to walk in your authority as a believer."

- Sabrina Addison
ICIBC 3rd Year Student

"Never has it been more important for a Christian to be educated and be led by the spirit of God. In just the first year of attending ICIBC, I have gained a great amount of knowledge of what it is to be a true born-again believer. At ICIBC the Word of God is accurately represented and taught by Spirit-filled instructors. By utilizing scripture as the main source of inspiration, ICIBC has provided a perfect blueprint that equips you with eternal principles that will serve as a compass in this ever-shifting culture."

- Alex Islas
ICIBC 2nd Year Student

"ICIBC is life changing. It will take you from just reading the Bible and receiving head knowledge to understanding the Bible and receiving it in your heart. ICIBC will affect your walk with Christ and you will learn how to “walk by faith and not by sight”. The revelation and insight that I have received at ICIBC has revolutionized my life as a believer. I highly recommend ICIBC to anyone who wants to take their walk with God to the next level."

- Martin Armendariz
ICIBC 4th Year Student

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 ICIBC is designed to be affordable and convenient and is for everyone who is hungry for God, newly saved, or in the ministry.  Our desire is to deliver a curriculum into your hands that will cultivate the good soil of your heart and produce good fruit while training you in the Word of God so that you can be the leader that God has called you to be. 

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